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Ever wondered how mixed martial arts reached our screens? Well, there are many answers to this. But, you cannot ignore the significant role the Universal Fighting championship played in boosting the sport’s reputation.

The Real Gamechanger

Universal Fighting Championship is a secondary promotional company for mixed martial arts. It promotes, organizes, televises, and does all sorts of background work to get the championship, a good image, and a reputation.

We may have grown up watching different leagues of MMA, but most of them can be traced back to UFC’s office based in Nevada. On top of it, the UFC hall of fame has some of the highest-paid and most thriving MMA players.

MMA, just because of its aggressive nature, had a barbaric image for many years. UFC has ensured that the image is gone and forgotten for good. Thanks to its endeavors in MMA promotions, there are about 12 different divisions of players between men and women, both based on their weight and other indices.

They organize championships for eight male categories and four female categories, carving trained professionals in each of them. These players are some of the highest-paid athletes known globally.

Setting Ground Rules For Fair Fights

The multimillion enterprise reached its peak by setting a fair and square game for all. To begin with, they timed the game, making different rounds to give the losing contender a say. Today, during any UFC events, the “Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts” is followed.

Each match is designed as per the title or the championship. The rounds must commence before five minutes so that the damage is not fatal. They also set the maximum number of rounds to five, making this limitation compulsory for both main events and fight cards.

UFC cages are Octagonal and have more breathing space. For added safety, the provision for mouthguards, jockstraps, protective cups, and padded gloves is there.

You have to watch it all live for such a larger-than-life and dramatic experience of a real-life fight.