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Truck Racing

You must have seen monster truck lego games as a kid. Now, you have the choice of watching them come alive on tracks in real life. Yes, that’s right. The heavy-duty vehicles, too, have a racing format of their own.

But, that often leaves newbies like us wondering how huge goods and material carriers could ever race all the way.

Truck racing employs modified smart trucks designed to withstand the desired speed and turbulences. These modifier unit tractors are minimalist in structure and quite different from your regular heavy-duty vehicles.

History Of The Massive Racing Units

The sport’s first milestone was laid down back in those days when people used trucks for amateur racing. In festivals, mud races, or just for fun - trucks have been employed in racing and other sports.

But, the real foundation of the game was laid down on June 17, 1979, at Atlanta Motor Speedway, US. You can also spot the same race in the opening scene of the classic, Smokey and the Bandit II.

Rules and Regulations

The sport remained risky and unorganized for quite a long time. But thankfully, with national and regional associations tasking over, the rules were defined to make it more organized and safe. Today these events also follow the rules any motorsport race would follow. Some of these rules include:

  • For optimum safety of the participant and to minimize the air resistance, the speeding limit is set to be 160 km/h. This is because the vehicle is quite heavy and can’t follow at the same speed as a lighter sports vehicle.
  • The body of a race truck is simple and relatively light compared to the regular trucks. One sports truck shouldn’t weigh more than 5500 kg per the guidelines.

Apart from these, most of the rules remain the same as that of the car races.

So, owing to the enormous size of the trucks, the laps mostly end at 10-12. The sport mostly remains a non-contact and minimal damage race, but the size factor might cause some collisions on the track. But, there are usually no damages or fatal injuries recorded on the field.

As we mentioned earlier, the sport can be entertaining to watch owing to its massive scale and energetic mood. You have to come prepared to be seduced by the excitement on the tracks and watch your video game fantasies coming alive.