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Sports form an integral part of American culture. While baseball is termed the traditional sport of the country, basketball and American football are just as famous. 

The country has hosted ten Olympic Games from 1904 to 2002 and the FIFA World Cup in 1994. The next Olympic Games will be held in Los Angeles in 2028.

Mike Trout continues to be the best baseball player who won the American League. Michael Jordan kept NBA at the front during the 1980s and took the game to new heights. Tom Brady, the most famous football quarterback from the team, Patriots, has won the highest division titles ever. 

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Annual Sporting Events in the US

Various sports events take place throughout the year. However, the major events attended by thousands of people are: 

  • Super Bowl- Football 
  • US Open Championships- Tennis 
  • World Series- Baseball 
  • NBA Finals- Basketball 
  • Masters, US Open, & US PGA- Golf 
  • Indy 500- Motorcar race (Memorial Day) 
  • Marathons in Boston, Chicago, and New York 

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Team Sports to Watch in the USA

Basketball (NBA) has its origins in Canada. But Americans love basketball. The craze for the game took off in the 1980s and continues even today. It is the third most popular game in America and has survived its share of highs and lows.

American Football (NFL) has the highest attendance and viewership in the US. The events only get bigger each year. American Football is a mass favorite in the country, so much that Super Bowl Sunday is considered an official holiday.

Baseball (MLB) is the oldest major sport with a history that dates back to 1876. Americans grow up with baseball games, which are said to capture what the country is truly about. MLB has been with the US throughout its growing, changing, and developing years.

Soccer (MLS) has been slow to gain fame but now sees thousands of fans cheering in the stadium. MLS (Major League Soccer) was established in 1996 and has grown over the years to add more teams. It currently has twenty-eight teams- twenty-five from the US and three from Canada.

Ice Hockey (NHL) has fans from the Northern US and Canada regions. The National Hockey League (NHL) has thirty-two years, with twenty-five from the US and seven from Canada.

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