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NHL Hockey

If you love premier hockey, you must have heard of the NHL. In the hierarchy of all the Ice Hockey tournaments in the US and Canada, NHL stands out as one of the most popular and talked about leagues.

Players from all divisions in the country try out for the AHL and then NHL to make it big in the ice rink. Watching teams like The Hurricanes, Tampa Bay Lightning, etc., is a sheer delight, and if you love ice hockey seasons, you have to watch any of the NHL matches at least once.

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Premier Ligue Nationale De Hockey - the Picture of Eminence

As we specified earlier, the NHL is immensely eminent for all the teams as well as the players. Currently, there are around 32 teams who compete against each other in a nerve-wracking twist and turns of the field event. On a national level, Ice Hockey is an absolute delight and, in sports vocabulary, a bloodbath.

Each year 25 teams from the United States and seven from Canada participate in this iced race towards the Stanley Cup, the oldest award for professional sports leagues in both US and Canada. As the season closes along with the rink, the playoff champion carries the cup along with the winner's title. 

Owing to its popularity and revered stature, it also holds the title of one of the wealthiest professional hockey leagues in the world.

Healthy Competition, Electric Spirit

Two broader conferences compete every year, namely the eastern and the western conference. There is an equal division of sixteen teams between these two, which are then sorted into two divisions of 8 teams. These teams play single-elimination games and then make it to the playoff. The playoffs are done to find the two contenders who play in the finals for the Stanley Cup.

If you book your tickets in advance, you can watch the games, including the Stanley cup finals. Of course, if you wait too long, they’ll be sold out!