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NBA Basketball

NBA Basketball has its fair share of fans and an electrifying enthusiasm. True fans would understand the importance of vicariously watching an NBA game on-field and living the adrenaline rush.

If you are one of those fanatics, a live game in one of the locations listed below might just be for you. Scroll a bit, and we will take you through a short detour about your favorite basketball league.

The Interesting History of the National Basketball Association

NBA is the official professional basketball league organizing different tournaments in North America. They host all sorts of intercollegiate and professional basketball leagues with various teams from around the country coming together.

The history of the NBA can be traced back to its inaugural season around 1946-47. The league officially began on 6th June 1946 with the former official name of Basketball Association of America. Then, around 1949, it merged with four different leagues to form the NBA that we know today. From then, there was no going back. Today the NBA has several international affiliations and is recognized by FIBA and USAB.

About 30 teams compete against each other to win the NBA title each year. Out of these 30, 29 are from the US and one from Canada. The professional aspect of the league, along with its stellar players' list, has given it the title of premier men's league in basketball.

These 30 different teams are divided into two conferences. Since the game's popularity is dominant in the eastern part, a record 13 teams that play the league come from the eastern zone. Central takes the second-highest of nine teams while three from Mountain and five from pacific play every year.

So, if by any chance you are anywhere near where these teams are playing, make sure to grab a ticket to the stadium.