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Musicals / Plays

A musical is a blend of song, dance, story-telling, dialogue, costumes, and visual effects. Musicals have been a hit for decades and continue to feature on the box office lists. In America, musicals are synonymous with Broadway, though the events take place in different parts of the country. 

Musicals tend to have a similar format but can vary vastly in themes. Romance and tragedy are two major genres where musicals are a hit with the masses. Tragicomedies are famous, just like drama and satire. Musicals and plays can be performed at many places, ranging from Broadway to school groups in churches.

Musicals and Opera

Though musicals are related to operas, they are two different types of theatrical performances. Dancing, storytelling, and dialogue are major elements of musicals. Furthermore, the music used for the shows comes from popular music genres.

The intent is to deliver a performance the audience can understand and enjoy. The language used in Broadway musicals is mostly English, even though the original script belongs to a different language. This allows the audience to enjoy the shows in their language. In fact, musicals are often written with the visuals of the performance. This makes it easy to recreate the musicals on stage.

If you’ve never watched musicals or plays live in action, it’s time to buy your tickets online and enjoy the performance with hundreds of others. 

More about Musicals 

What makes musicals mesmerizing is the sheer range of types they can be performed. Book Musicals are theater performances of the song, dance, and dialogue based on a book. The Broadway musical Hamilton is a famous example of this.

Revue Musicals are another type that saw quite a change over the centuries. These were initially bawdy and contained slapstick comedy. Later they became a musical where a songwriter or composer would present the songs with an introduction. A Film Musical is where music and songs are an integral part of the story (unlike where songs are added to a given script). 

Now, if we talk of Concept Musicals, they are intended to deliver a specific message to the audience. It is message-driven as opposed to comedy musicals, where entertainment is the primary focus.  Jukebox Musicals follow the jukebox theme, where the artists perform to a combination of songs and dance. Pop/Rock Musicals are a 20th-century delight where the entire story is performed as a song with little or no dialogue. Naturally, the music is pop/rock-themed. The more the variety, the more events to attend and the greater the fun, isn’t it?

Each type of musical has its own charm and is best enjoyed when you watch it in the theaters. They are a treat and a must-watch for everyone who loves storytelling, music, and dance.