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Do you want to know why gentlemen play golf? It's because the game is versatile and full of discipline. It's one of the most elegant yet competitive sports in the world. And the games make you want to come back again and again.

People often argue that golf does not include enough twists and turns or the overall energy like any other tournament. And that's where they're all wrong. There is more to the game than just reaching the destined goal.

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A Shining Legacy

Golf is played with a club and ball for recreation and professional pursuits. The sport includes the usage of various clubs, and the end goal is to hit the balls into holes with just a few strokes. The game asks for time, precision, and, most importantly, patience.

The game of golf as we know it now began in the 15th century in Scotland. Back then, there used to be 18-hole golf grounds. It has diverse roots as well. Saint Andrews' Old Golf Course of 1764 is an excellent example of ancient grounds. Over the due course, the game reached England and spread worldwide.

The Golf Open Championship was initially played in 1860 at the Prestwick Golf Club in Ayrshire, Scotland. Also called the Briitish Open, it was the first significant golf competition the world had seen.

While this competition is still held regularly, present-day golf games also involve other international competitions: the US Open, the Masters, and the PGA Championship.

The Golden Game of Discipline

In an open field, golf players need to get their balls through 18 holes in succession. But, that's the case for professional leagues. If you're playing golf in your backyard with a buddy, you can make up a shorter course with about 9 or 10 holes. 

Some of the common types of golf terrain include hurdles that make the game exciting and far more competitive! Here are some common hurdles you will find: fairways, bunkers, or "sand traps," natural hazards like watery/fluid terrain, rocky grounds, etc.

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