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What's a game that makes fans cry, laugh, and cheer all at the same time? It's cricket! One of the most popular bat-and-ball games globally, cricket is truly unrivaled in its appeal.

While cricket is mainly popular in Europe, Australia, and Asia, Americans also enjoy it occasionally. In fact, one of the first cricket games in the world was between Americans and Canadians.

No matter where you live, the game's competitive nature and the team spirit it involves will surely give you lots of thrill. So don't wait too long and get your tickets booked right away to a live cricket game near you.

The Ins and Outs of the Game

While cricket has many rules that you'll only understand once you start watching the game or read more about it if you're looking for a basic introduction to it, here's what you need to know:

There are two teams in the game, each with 11 active players and some backup ones. One team fields while the other bats in an inning, which is one-half of the game. As soon as the innings end, the teams switch their roles.

The fielding team has a bowler responsible for shooting the ball to the batsman/batswoman from the other team. Each bowler shoots six consecutive balls in what is known as an "over." The batters' job is to hit the ball to the boundaries of the field or in a manner that prevents direct catches. They also have to run on the pitch to score, but they should not let the balls touch the stumps before they're inside the crease line.

There are many more rules to the game. Want to see exactly how it's played? Why not try going to a live game then? Find your tickets below!

A Huge Fanbase

Cricket has always inspired passion and love around the world. It's especially popular in countries like India, Pakistan, England, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, etc. These countries regularly participate via their national teams in different tournaments of varying formats.

There's the International Cricket Council's official World Cup and the T-20 World Cup. Besides, several multi-day matches in test format keep happening. Some countries like India also have individual cricket leagues like the Indian Premier League seasonally.

The game has given the world some star players who're worshiped by fans. The game's top players, both past and present, include names like Ben Stokes, Steve Smith, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, David Warner, Kane Williamson, Mohammad Rizwan, etc.

If you want to see some of these players rock the pitch in their next game, all you have to do is find yourself the next game by checking the schedule on our site.