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Concerts are live musical performances performed in front of a large audience. From local artists in clubs to famous international bands in royal halls, perform in front of a large gathering. It is both entertaining and interesting to the audience. Concerts are not a new phenomenon. Though the term wasn’t officially used until the late 17th century, similar gatherings were common across various universities in Europe. 

Concerts have changed over time, and the modern-day concerts we attend today became popular after the end of WWII. The first known paid concert happened in London in the house of the famous violinist John Banister in 1672. 

People have been buying tickets ever since to watch their favorite celebrities perform live on the stage. In most cases, the tickets will be sold out much before the D-day. 

Types of Concerts 

Concerts are traditionally categorized into three types:


A classical concert can be orchestral or choral and is performed by a large group of artists. Orchestral concerts are further classified into symphonies, chamber music, etc. Choral concerts are musical theaters, operas, etc. 


This concert is performed by a solo musician or a small group of artists along with a musical instrument. Recitals can also include other performers. Dance recitals are a perfect example of this type of concert. 


This is an elaborate and dramatic concert focusing on visual and sensory settings, sounds, and special effects to enthrall the audience. Singers can perform live and also play pre-recorded tracks on the stage. 

Each type of concert is equally famous and attracts a wide range of audiences from all walks of society.

A concert with a large group of artists that lasts for more than a day is known as a festival. Musical festivals cater to every kind of audience. 

It has a broader scope and covers a plethora of genres. It can also include arts and invite thousands of viewers. The extensive nature of festivals makes them outdoor friendly events. 

A tour is when a group of artists go from one city/location to another and perform at every stop. The tour dates are announced in advance so that fans can get tickets to a concert in their city or the nearest location. 

Outdoor and Indoor Concerts 

While classical concerts take place indoors in concert halls and opera houses, music festivals are performed outdoors. Amphitheaters are perfect for theatrical concerts. The Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado hosts numerous pop and rock concerts every year. 

Get swept by the power of music as the artists mesmerize you with their talent. Keep an eye on the dates and book your tickets in advance. Grab them before you miss them!