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CFL Football

Football has evolved in different ways across different countries. For example, in Europe, it’s about pushing a ball into a goalpost using one’s feet. But in America and Canada, it involves carrying a ball to the opponent’s side of the field. If you’re a fan of the latter, you’re lucky because the CFL football games might be closer than you think.

CFL is the league that manages professional football in Canada. Its full form is the Canadian Football League, and it hosts multiple tournaments to keep fans and players engaged.

Are you looking to enjoy a game or two yourself this upcoming CFL season? Then what are you waiting for? Check what’s on the calendar and book yourself front-row seats in the stadium for the next CFL game.

Enjoy A Season Full of Thrill

CFL football games are nothing if not full of energy and excitement. Fans flock in to watch their favorite players hit the ground throughout the season.

The structure of a regular CFL season works like this:

In June, there are some preseason games. These are more like exhibitions and run for only about three weeks. The number of games is also limited to just two during the preseason playoffs.

After that comes the regular season. Typically this is the one that draws in the most awe and excitement from football lovers. It lasts from June to November, a considerably long time frame compared to the preseasons. The number of games in this is also higher, with 18 games in total. It lasts for 21 weeks in total.

Finally, there are the single-elimination playoffs. The league hosts the Grey Cup championship at the end of these playoffs. A total of 6 games are played during this time.

Do you want to watch players like Bryan Burnham, Bo Levi Mitchell, Charleston Hughes, Greg Ellingson, Brandon Bangs, and Michael Reilly in action? Tune in to the upcoming CFL season. And while you can stream it on your TV, watching it in the stadium is the perfect way to go.

Check out the schedule for various game dates. You’ll also find the locations of all these games, and depending on those, you can decide which one is the most convenient for you to visit. Once you have it all figured out, get your tickets before the front seats are all sold out to enthusiastic CFL fans.