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Boat Racing

If you love water sports, you would undoubtedly know about the regatta. Yes, taken from the Venetian term for contest, the regatta is what we formally call a series of boat racing events.

Today, the regatta has taken the world by storm with its many forms. The wave of fans coming and watching the water sports affirms boat racing’s popularity. Want to be a part of this wave? Book tickets to your nearest boat racing event today.

Boat Racing: Not Just A Game

You must be wondering why a simple task such as rowing a boat has become a game. To answer that, the sports aren't confined to boats only; there are canoes, rows, and a series of motorsports held in the water.

The latest example would be the watercraft that shoot the player up above the water's surface so high that you can't help but be scared, surprised, and thrilled at the same time. The water-borne game is quite popular owing to the aesthetics as well. The boats look like fishes from a bird's eye view, giving the water a snakelike wave as they moves.

An Intriguing History

The history of the games goes back to the boat races on the river Nile which resulted in present-day Regattas. Initially, some brands used it for promotional activities; some strategists employed the race to spread political and economic concerns such as the water crisis, lack of awareness, etc.

Today, taking cues from the past, the game stands on its own as a separate group of championships. Some of the famous races of this group include:

  • The annual Henley Royal Regatta, England
  • Royal Yacht Regatta, England
  • Royal St. John's Regatta, USA

This was only the formal type of boating race.

The World Federation Championship recognizes several other watersport events that can broadly be categorized as boat races. It includes Head Race, Rowing, Sailing, Motorboat Racing, etc.

These games have competitions like World Rowing Championship (Rowing), America's Cup (Yacht Racing), XCAT Race(Motorboat Racing), etc.

To sum it up, boat racing’s spirit is to be closer to the water bodies, thereby giving all of us a message to be closer to nature. These races are both thrilling and full of fun. So take a trip to your nearest boat racing venue and stay for a day or two to watch championships unfold. Book your tickets right now!