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Auto Racing

Give it any name - motor racing, car racing, auto racing - the sports remain the fan-favorite. Auto racing is perhaps the most popular sub sport coming under sports racing. We all have watched Formula 1 or heard names like Michael Schumacher at one point or another.

Such is the magic of auto racing. It gives you the best of speed, technique, luck, and magic on track.

The Game Is As Old As Time

From Greek Tragedies to Egyptian camel rides, they all have enjoyed motorsports for recreational sake. This recreation met the love and technique of the game and became organized to become the sport we know today.

Ever since the wheels were invented, this particular racing sport has existed. And, thankfully with the advent of automobiles of all kinds, the races got more and more popular. The first and earliest recorded race, however, was observed in 1867.

Ushering Into The New Era

The game began officially as a test for the automobiles procured by different brands. They organized and promoted such rives to prove the sustainability and reliability of their names, giving a televised and much-needed popular platform to the game.

Thanks to these different brands, we have perhaps the most popular and discussed racing sub-group here. Brands started procuring cars specifically for the track that could handle the hyperspeed and mileage of such vehicles.

Today, the game is divided into several groups having distinct criteria for the race. Some of these popular groups include:

  • Open Wheel Racing
  • Sports Car Racing
  • Production Car Racing
  • Touring Car Racing
  • One-Make Racing
  • Time Attack Series
  • Rallying
  • Off-Road Racing
  • Trucking

Car Setups

Don't let the name fool you. The setups are not limited to just cars. Instead, these setups are a qualifying criterion for any vehicle to race. Based on the game type, the vehicle must be tested based on speed, sustainability, performance, suspension, mileage, etc., to be fit enough to be in the racing arena.

The racers must ensure that the vehicle's aerodynamics is perfect and meets the game's format. They also check for the braking system, chassis, engine types, mileage, angles and cuts, and minor but significant factors like type patterns.

The racers, organizers, vehicle makers, engineers, and other people involved always have to be on the lookout. The game is highly professional and imparts the life lessons like awareness and responsibility.

You too can witness all of it and more. Just hit the book now button, and voila! The next thing you know, you are watching this race live.