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AHL Hockey

The American Hockey League is synonymous with team spirit, electric games, and world-class athletes competing against each other.

Want to witness a live-action American Hockey game? What better to start at than AHL Hockey? View upcoming matches and book your tickets to them before all the seats are sold out!

A Precursor of Greatness

US teams have a flair for summer and winter hockey sports, but the ice hockey fandom stands higher. As a result of this love for the game and its players, AHL, or American Hockey League, was the primary ice hockey league in the US.

The primary or developmental phase paved the way for the nationals ever since AHL was formed in 1936. Finally, it was merged in 1938 once and for all and currently hosts 31 teams.

The American Hockey League boasts of 26 proud US and 5 eminent Canadian teams. While each of these teams is bound to have an affiliation with at least one of the teams in the NHL, the same is not mandatory for NHL teams.

The league is currently headed by Scott Howson in Massachusetts, who is looking after all sorts of matches and domestic team selections.

Who Plays In AHL?

As we specified earlier, AHL has 31 teams contending for the major showdown. The games are covered by the same elimination-based playoffs. But there is a general criterion involved that guard the selection of the playing set. To play for the teams here, one must be:

  • 18 years of age
  • Not be affiliated with any junior ice hockey team
  • Rounded off four full seasons of the professional games

The teams in AHL are in four broader zones, namely, Pacific, Atlantic, North, and Central. Each of these four zones comprises different home teams which compete to make it to the playoffs. Once the playoffs are done, two teams race to the finals. And the one that wins the AHL finals emerges as the winner of that season. Since AHL is an ice hockey event, it’s always held during the winters only.

AHL gives you the two best things: the fantastic wintery feel of the ice rink and an adrenaline rush that comes from watching a sport like a hockey. When combined, they are sure to give you the best experience ever. So this winter, hit the ice hockey rink with your friends and family to watch a fiery game unfold.