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Motorcycle Racing

We all have played motorbike racing games on computers at one point or another. But these virtual games come from the long withstanding motorbike racing sport of the 21st Century.

The sports are for those who love hitting the roads with a little bit of speed and tons of confidence. You have to watch the sport live to see the enthusiasm both the participants and the spectators have here on tracks. Let's delve in a bit further to understand why.

Sport Of The Bravehearts

Even though the sport was first started officially in 2010, it wasn't alien to the players. The regional biker events had been quite prevalent in several US states. The sport under the aegis of FIM just became more formal and organized, leaving the dangers and recklessness behind.

Like other racing events, this game is also played professionally and by amateurs. There are motorbike racing leagues and regional teams or individuals who use their vehicles to race their way out.

The sport's rules are pretty simple, i.e., reach the goal first, and you win. However, the path varies as per the format of the play. We usually have circuits or tracks which come in all shapes and sizes.

Some races also use the hills, terrains, drags, mud, etc., to make the circuits exciting and take the level of the sport a notch higher. Based on that, the event can be a simple motorbike race, an on-road race, an off-road race, etc. Each of these formats has its pros and cons.

Therefore, each of these categories sees different sets of individuals coming and participating. Owing to the sport's popularity among bike lovers from different spheres, the FIM came up with four subgroups. The subgroups include:

  • Road Racing: Includes Traditional Road Racing, Motorcycle Grand Prix, Superbike Racing, Supersport Racing, etc
  • Motocross: Includes, Supercross, Supermoto
  • Enduro and Cross Country: Includes Enduro, Hard Enduro, Hare Scramble, Cross Country Rally
  • Track Racing: Includes, Outdoor, and Indoor Track Racing, Speedway, Ice Speedway, Grasstrack, Broad Track, Auto Racing, etc

Each of these categories gives you the same satisfaction and thrill. To get the best of this sport, get tickets and see your favorite sports biker rushing to the finish line live! Don’t forget to take along friends and family for a truly fantastic experience.