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Ice Skating 

Skating is done for so many reasons. For some, it’s a recreation sport. For others, it’s their entire profession. Ice Skating, too, comes in diverse forms. But, guess what remains the same? It’s the zest to watch the sport and the thrills you get out of the tricks and passionate performance of an ice skater.

The sport makes you think about the beauty of the snow-capped places and the festivities of winter. And you don’t have to wait for the winter to watch the sport unfold. Book your tickets to your nearest ice skating events by scrolling down below right this second!

A Rhythmic Sport

People often equate Ice Skating with trickery and some performances. They are an eminent part of the entire routine, but the most important thing is the years and years of practice that goes down in learning to center the sharp skates over the slippery ice.

A trained professional glides on the indoor or outdoor ice rink without support. The sport is all about balance and self-propulsion. It is a recognized winter Olympics sport too.

A Celebrated History

Ice Skating has been known to exist in Icelandic countries for ages. The last record is traced around 4000 years ago in Finland, where people attached steel blades to their footwear to glide and commute easily.

Over time, these sharp blades took the form of the ice skates and became a sport. Currently, the sport is so popular all over the globe that we see artificial rinks, arenas, and platforms made out of ice, even in the hottest regions of the world.

Some of the variants of ice skating include:

  • Bandy
  • Ringette
  • Ice Cross Downhill
  • Synchronized Skating
  • Speed Skating
  • Barrel Skating
  • Ice Skate Dancing

You can also watch these competitions on your TV. But the real fun would be to watch the live competition with players recreating the magic in front of your eyes. So check out all about the upcoming ice skating competitions near you and book your tickets immediately!